Design Process

We took a user-centered approach throughout our process and focused on the following techniques to guide our work. 

Persona Development:

  • Through interviews with Quibb users and discussions with our client, we created a persona and clarified key business goals

Comparative Analysis, User Testing & Feature Assessment: 

  • We conducted a brief comparative analysis, completed guerrilla usability testing and created a feature assessment to better understand the current app, its functionality, and its competitors. 

Task Flows, Sketches & Wireframes: 

  • We explored core user journeys to identify potential user flows and moved into concept sketches and wireframes

Interactive Prototype: 

  • Getting our interaction model right was crucial for success. We applied a highly iterative approach, using an clickable prototype to test our designs. 


Get an in-depth view of our process here
We developed a new Quibb that engages users by making it simple and delightful to follow other Quibb members, comment on news articles and share articles externally with one's social network to provide a more community-driven experience. We also utilized modern design patterns to improve our basic interaction model and added additional features such as multiple news feeds to provide greater web/mobile app parity.