SpotOn Parking

Redesigning on-boarding for Peer-to-Peer parking. 


SpotOn Parking is a San Francisco-based startup that creates new parking in cities. A member of the sharing economy, SpotOn can be considered AirBnB for Parking, connecting people who want parking spots with those who have under-utilized parking spots. 

The Challenge

With an MVP website, SpotOn Parking wanted to improve it's user experience and found itself specifically facing challenges with on-boarding potential spot parkers and spot listers. The start-up's current on-boarding flow consisted of a sign-up form and coordinated phone information session that lacked efficacy and efficiency. I lead a team of three UX designers to evaluate SpotOn's current site and re-design it's on-boarding process.

My Role

Design Lead - Design Strategy - Facilitation - Usability Research - Wireframes - Client engagement

Existing site homepage:

Existing site homepage:


Part I - Usability Testing

We began by scoping out an initial sprint to investigate current usability issues within the homepage and on-boarding process to better understand the current interaction flows and identify pain-points as users tried to sign up for the service. 


Three major insights emerged:

  1. Users could not understand the basic information hierarchy on the site.
  2. Users lacked trust of the site due to inconsistent messaging and messaging overload.
  3. Users were unsatisfied and confused by the on-boarding process

Reactions from users included:

"Where I am right now and where do I go first? ...Can I click on the pins?" user scrolled through homepage. user scrolled through homepage.

"What's up with the clip art and stock photos?" user scrolled through homepage user scrolled through homepage

"So that's it? What do I do now... just wait?" 
After a user had inputed his information.

After a user had inputed his information.


Taking from our usability study findings, we presented the SpotOn team our recommendations.

  • Create an information hierarchy and clearly articulate SpotOn's value proposition
    • Highlight the financial value to both parker and lister
    • Demonstrate 'How it works' in a concise manner
    • Look to other double-sided economy sites for inspiration
  • Heighten legitimacy
    • Selective use of photos and vector graphics
    • Curated FAQ section
  • Improve on-boarding
    • Make process transparent - Make users aware that they would receive a 'concierge' service
    • Send initial confirmation to users immediately
    • Automate on-boarding process (longer-term goal)

Part II - On-Boarding Redesign

After a meeting with our client to introduce suggestions, we scoped out a second design sprint to design and iterate upon our recommendations. 


We first moved to ideation and set out to visualized our designs. We began with a brief view strategy workshop mapping out our main objectives for an on-boarding homepage and quickly moved to sketching. We then created wireframes of three potential design solutions and provided our recommendations on which design direction to choose. 

Iteration #3

Iteration #3

Refining Designs & Final Outputs

Working with our client, we decided on a final iteration as the best model for on-boarding new users and expanded upon that design.

After discussing the business objectives with the client, we then agreed that these on-boarding designs would be effective as a secondary page to quickly and effectively onboard users and in addition to this, there should be a primary landing page that introduces users to the site as a whole. 


At this point, our design sprint was finished but I was hired on contract for an additional sprint to manage an incoming UX design team to design the new homepage and additional interaction flows* 

In all, my team and I were first able to define goals and present recommendations based on usability findings. Next we created wireframes and worked with our client to iterate on our designs. Finally, we defined future design work for next steps. 

If you have inquiries about this work, contact me here

*This incoming UX design team was contracted from Tradecraft. I guided the team as a design manager and structured expectations for a new homepage and additional flows over the next 1-month period.